I appreciate your interest in space debris mitigation techniques and the work that you have done. You have outlined a number of possible techniques to mitigate space Debris--- Sir Donald Kessler ( American astrophysicist and former NASA scientist)

Space Explorer

He thought innovative ideas and develop his every ideas on his own way. He is doing space research from last 7 years. He is the recipient of Dr. Kalpana Chawla Young Scientist Award and many other International & National award for his space research.


He worked with Google Lunar X Prize- Team Indus in the mission to send Lunar Rover to moon. He is the founder & Director of Smartcircuits Innovation Pvt. Lltd. and also involved in other research projects too.

Motivational Speaker

He is invited from many schools and colleges to give his speech about his innovation and his success. He is best known for his talks on fascinating perspective why I believe imagination has not limits and doesn’t need any qualification.


He is working on out of the box technologies in the field of science & Technology as well socio-economics. He works for the development of society, humanity & nation.

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